Well, hello there!

You know it’s been a while when you forget how to log on to your own blog!

So, how are things?  I have been BUSY.  I kind of feel like I should have just written that in humongous type but, honestly, that’s too much effort.  Yes, you can read that as I’m still busy and trying to recover from the exhaustion that too much work not enough play leads to.  Plus, I’m trying to buy a new dishwasher, wash all the dishes in the existing dishwasher, trying to remember how I’m to work while these small humans are on summer vacation and, oh yeah, how to manage an actual vacation.  Which reminds me, what IS an actual vacation??????

Oh, and my hockey team is currently not winning the Stanley Cup Final.  Winning four out of the next five games shouldn’t be hard to do, right?

I’ve read A LOT.

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Going to stop there for books today.  The Sandra Brown and Jill Shalvis books are brain candy.  End of Watch was the third in Stephen King’s detective trilogy.  Loved them and really hope he’ll write some more in this style.  32 Yolks was maybe more interesting to me simply because it’s what I do for a living on a smaller scale.  Plus, I have to say, I am always astounded to learn how other restaurants treat their people and why people work there…..

The surprise in this bunch was A Man Called Ove.  I almost set it down.  A couple of times.  But, it is well deserving, I think, of all its rave reviews.  Heartwarming for sure.  Pick it up if you haven’t.

Hope you are well.



And all the other holiday greetings to you!

Out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind.

Wishing all of you joy, happiness, love, health and prosperity!!!


The world does NOT revolve around you…

or me.  I’ll explain in a bit.

I’m fine with that, by the way.

How are you guys?  Long time no chat!  I’ve been on hiatus.  Ha!  Did you fall for that?  Noooo, I’ve just been busy mostly with work and yucky stuff.  This past ten days or so I’ve been enjoying some down time, hanging with friends, catching up with things, just trying to recharge.  So look for new book posts, recipes and whatnot starting next week!!!!  Consider it my NaNoWriMo challenge.  It’ll be fun.

So this morning, I’d planned a day with my cousin.  He’s visiting from Chicago.  We grew up together and have been having loads of fun catching up (read as he’s been spoiling me, the kids, the dog….yeah, he’s that kind of guy).  I thought we were going to have a super fun day.  My bad for answering the phone.

Let me just say that I believe in kindness.  I do not believe in shouting, talking over someone and I’m not prone to extreme anger (despite writing this).  Honestly, bad behavior like that is just too much drama and I find it upsetting.  I’m not psychic.  I did not get the memo that the world only revolves around certain people.  Do you guys know these things?  I am a direct person.  I tell people what’s going on with me, if I’m bothered by something.  I try to see their side of things.  I try to listen.  I try to be kind.  I breathe.

I think something might be wrong with me.

The answer is, of course, wine and chocolate.  Wine and chocolate are the answers to most things.  Oh, and a Cubs win would be nice too!

Happy Friday, everyone.  May you have an enjoyable and restful weekend.  Watch out for the crazy. xo


I just logged in and realized that I haven’t so much as looked up to say hello the entire month of September!  How is it almost October?  Man, am I ever in serious need of a wife!!!!

You gotta wonder where the time goes, right?  In my case, I finished up corporate and personal tax returns, dropped out of puppy manners classes (too stressful for me with all those silly clickers), worked, and worked, and worked, and spent entirely too much time at hockey rinks.

I’ve cooked nothing worth mentioning or, to be more precise, nothing new worth mentioning.  Trying a couple of things this weekend so keep your fingers crossed.  I’ve started knitting a sweater (so yes, clearly hell has frozen over), even though for the first day of fall we had temps in the mid-90’s.  Don’t worry I wrote to Mother Nature as she clearly missed this epic event.

I’ve read a TON!  A TON!  Let’s knock out of few, k?

The meh ones.  Read as good but not memorable.

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All of these got terrific reviews.  They were all somewhat entertaining.  One had kind of a fun twist.  But, would I recommend any of them?  Only if you’ve nothing else you’re dying to read.  Sorry, sweet authors.  It could have been me.  When I’m working a lot, I think I’ve mentioned I need serious downtime.  Likely it was just me, but these just didn’t do it for me.

One I truly enjoyed.  It’s a YA book that was recommended for people who love my boyfriend, John Green.  Like boyfriend’s book, it’s dead on.  And funny.  Always a good combo.

Lastly, for today anyway, one that my friend, Liz, suggested.  It’s also gotten great reviews though I almost set it aside a couple of times.  SO GLAD I kept reading.  Totally worth it.

Product Details

I’ve more to tell you about but I’m late for work.  Never good when you’re the boss!  😉

Happy Weekend, everyone.  I so hope you are well and happy. xo


Yo, peeps! What’s happening?

Did you hear that gigantic sigh yesterday?  I’m certain you did.  It was HUGE, I tell ya.  That was me, wrapping up the hell that is personal and corporate tax returns, while doing my regular job and trying to survive the start of school, dance, hockey and every other thing.  Now, that I have all this free time, I’ve signed Miss Thing up for puppy manners classes!


Whatever you do, please do not tell her that this will require her to get into the car.  She’s not a fan.  At all.

It’s still wicked HOT here.  So there’s no baking happening.  There’s barely any cooking.  Want a salad, cereal, or sandwich?  I’m your girl.  Beyond that, you have to learn to order takeout or wait until fall.  Sorry.  Think of it as you being part of my support group for getting skinny!!  Do not bring up my thinking that chocolate and alcohol are food groups!  Have I taught you nothing?

Onward, to the books!!!

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Let me start by saying I do not typically read Stephen King.  He’s a brilliant writer.  He is.  But the man freaks me the hell out!  Okay, I said it.  I’ve read On Writing and Misery.  I’m pretty certain I read the latter with my hand over my eyes barely peeking at the words, as if that would make it better.  Freaks me the hell out.

Mr. Mercedes and Finders Keepers are the first two books in his Detective Hodges trilogy.  I ordered the second book on chapter ten of the first book and the third book before I reached the end of the first.  Yeah, that good.  I can’t wait to dive into the third one but there’s a few I need to finish up first and book three will be my reward.

I’ve read a bunch of other stuff too, some so long ago that I can only tell you whether I enjoyed it or not.  So here goes with a few of those.

Product Details

You know the phrase if you can’t say anything nice?  Well who cares about that?! I kept reading this book until the end.  Why?  Because I kept hoping it would make sense.  It totally didn’t.  So then I threw it across the room and broke my favorite picture frame.  Still worth it.  Someone explain this book to me.  No, never mind.  I’ve wasted too much time already.

Product Details

There’s a writer I follow on here.  I love her because she’s funny and one of those people whose blog you read and think we could be friends!  She reviewed this recently and LOVED it.  I’d just finished reading it and remembering being like what? really?  It was okay.  Struck me as a 50 Shades wanna be minus the kinky.  My fault I suppose as I prefer more complicated men AND women.  And author’s that can think outside the box.

Product Details

This I enjoyed.  I’m a pretty happy, bubbly person.  I work with the public and I LOVE that.  Love my job, love meeting and talking to people.  It’s so fun.  BUT, when I’m off work….well, let’s just say that I could be a hermit without too much trouble.  I’m someone who needs a good bit of downtime.  Quiet.  Time to hear myself think, to read, to annoy you people (kidding!).  I need time to myself.  I’m not a party person.  I’d rather have a few friends over than go anywhere.  Okay, except maybe to a hockey game or dinner where someone cooks for ME!  Reading this book made me realize that there are likely more me’s out there.  I need to meet some of them.

Okay, well I’d love to tell you more but I’ve a sick boy to check on and laundry to fold.  You can get your own, I’m not sharing.  😉

Much love to ya! xo