Yo, finally!

I was all set to write Monday.  But that whole pesky having a job and responsibilities thing got in the way.  Yesterday, I thought it would be fun to experience a storm burst, complete with flooding, high winds, downed trees, flying debris and a loss of power.  Don’t ask me what a storm burst is, I’ve no idea.  But you don’t want one, trust me.  When it was over and we finally got power back, it was cleanup time.  For now, I’m taking a break from that.  Because I need chocolate and alcohol!!  No, I’m not having either but a girl can dream.  I also imagine that I live in a small coastal town with a beachside abode.  Because my reality involves chainsaws and giant machinery.  See why I said you didn’t want any of that?  In the few minutes that I’ve been sitting here, the thunder’s started rumbling, the wind’s picked up and the rain has begun again.  Woohoo.  Color me happy.

It’s because I tried to drown the puppy gave Joie a bath…..the reason it’s raining again.  Zero percent chance of rain that’s what those liars weather peeps said.  For the record, I think there was more water on me than the dog.  She’s mad at me still and will have nothing whatsoever to do with me.  Like a few moments of peace is a bad thing!  ha!  Weekly bath time it is, sister.  Bring it!

Okay, at long last I need to talk to you about something super important.

It involves chocolate.

And brownbutter.

And brownies!


Layered Brownies!

You need them.

I need them.  You make some and send me one.  Or two.  Or the whole pan.  I’m easy.

I used the recipe for Brownie Bites, only I put the entire thing into a 9×9 pan, rather than those mini muffin tins.  I want to say I baked them for 22-25 minutes at the same temperature.  Under baking just a tad is what I was going for and I didn’t time them.  I may have forgotten.  Or there might have been wine.  It’s one of those.

Once I took them out, I used a brown butter frosting that I had left over from cupcakes.  Make it like this.  Melt a stick of unsalted butter over medium heat.  Whisk and scrape down the sides occasionally until it gets a golden brown color (don’t burn it….it goes from golden to burned FAST!).  Remove from heat and add 2 cups of confectioner’s sugar, 1/4 cup or so (you can always add more if you want it thinner but I wanted it a bit thick and creamy) and a teaspoon of vanilla.  Whisk it all together until it’s smooth.  Spread it atop your brownies.  Don’t use it all!  It’s rich and I used maybe half to a third of this amount (because mine was leftover, remember?).  I then melted some chocolate melting wafers…..you could use chocolate, maybe bittersweet, with a splash of cream.  I spread this on top of the frosting.  Because, clearly, more of a good thing is more better!

Put the whole pan in the refrigerator and let it get nice and cold.  Cut into bars.  I wish I’d made mine smaller.  I cut mine into sixteen sections.  But, they were so rich I wished I’d but them even smaller maybe twenty-five sections.  Next time.  Serve these cold.  Like how I said serve as opposed to just dive in and devour them all!?

Time to knock a few more books of my list.  Ready?

I few I was meh about.  They all got great reviews, and by reviews I mean stars as I don’t like to read actual reviews.  It’s also the reason I don’t go into detail here about books.  I want to discover and enjoy the story myself.  I just like to know if people liked them or not.  Am I in the minority there?  No, really, I’m curious.


Product Details

This is another one of those Bronte inspired tales.  It was fine.  The main character is a complete smartass.  I’ve a thing for smartasses.  Kindred spirits and all that.  It was an okay read.  Not enough plot or enough interesting plot for me.  But Ms. Lowell rocks the smartass, so there’s that.

Product Details

Without the whole religious, somewhat preachiness thing, I’d have enjoyed this one more.  It was interesting if you can put the rest aside.  I’m not particularly religious.  I’m Catholic, went to Catholic school, love the Pope, blah, blah, blah but I tend to be more spiritual than religious.  And, it’s a personal thing for me.  Weirdest thing about living where I do is having people, I’ve only just met, ask which church I go to.  I always want to ask why?  Do they plan on stalking me?  Converting?  Yeah, I’ve explained I’m weird.

Product Details

It’s been a while since I read this one.  I’m still not sure what I thought of it.  It was either fine or a complete waste of time.  I can’t decide.  I want to write to those people who called it one of the books of the summer and ask them to explain.  That would require time though so not happening.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with one I loved.  Prepare to be surprised.

Product Details

Oh, I’m still mad as hell at her for killing off McDreamy.  But her book?  Loved it.  Inspirational and funny and such a pleasure to race through.  I’d read it again.  Just because.  Don’t tell her though.  She might think it’s fine to kill off Meredith!

Okay, gotta run.  Hope you guys are having a great week!


Send help!

Right now, I’m finding it completely entertaining that I started this post more than a week ago (I know this because Joie is now 9 weeks and 2 days old!).  I might seriously be in need of the aforementioned help! 

Preferably that help will be some gorgeous male eye candy bearing alcohol and chocolate!  That’s not too much to ask, is it?

I am drowning here, people.  Drowning.  For weeks it seems.  I keep thinking things will slow down, that I won’t work so much next week….pipe dreams, the lot of them.  So, of course, I did what any rational person might do.  I got a puppy!

Meet Joie.


She’s a golden retriever.  Eight weeks old yesterday.  Already, we love her.  She is the most chill puppy ever.  Not even kidding.  M tells everyone that the only way she could be more mellow is if she were a turtle.  Totally lucked out with this one.  Still, you forget that puppies are a lot like having a toddler.  They have to be watched constantly!  Good thing she’s cute!!

You guys read anything good?  I’ve read a ton in the last month or so.  Let’s catch up, shall we?

Because life is too short and because the summer is slipping by all too fast.  Some of the good stuff….

So, it’s a YA novel.  I LOVED it.  It reads along the lines of a John Green or Rainbow Rowell book….further proof that you don’t have to be a teen, or even be close, to be able to completely relate to what that felt like – the good and the bad.

Product Details

Another that I raced through in a weekend.  This is one that so perfectly sets the scene that you feel like you are there.  If you have a child, be warned, parts of this are just heartbreaking to read.  And yet, read on is exactly what I did.  Moody, dark, heartbreaking and yet so utterly fulfilling a read.  Just go grab it already.

Product Details

If you’ve been here more than once then you already know I’ve a soft spot for brain candy.  This is the usual Shalvis book…..fun reading featuring hot man candy.  What’s not to love?

Product Details

I’ve never been to Nantucket.  But now, I totally want to go.  Another fun brain candy book.  Lots of intermingled story lines and I needed a few brain cells to not mix up what was going on.  I did mention I’ve been working A LOT, yes?  This was an enjoyable, easy summer read.  Perfect for the times when your only getaway is in your imagination.

Next up, magical brown butter layered brownies!  Stay tuned.  I’m working a bit less next week so I’m hoping to get back to writing to you on a more regular schedule (read as more often than once a month!).  Yikes!

Happy Weekend!!

Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth!  I hope this finds you well, enjoying your time with family and friends.  Read as I kind of hope you’re not reading this until after the fourth!  😉

People, I have been BUSY!  Too busy.  Work, taking care of the small humans, dealing with the every day.  It’s been A LOT!  Too much!  So, really, I had no choice.  You have to cope somehow, right?

I’ve gone and gotten myself an early birthday present!  Wanna see???  Here’s a sneak peek!


There you go!  Love and happiness, wrapped in fur!  I’ll tell you more about her later.  For now, it’s off for dinner and fireworks…..and a long romp in the yard.  Stay safe, have fun!