I just logged in and realized that I haven’t so much as looked up to say hello the entire month of September!  How is it almost October?  Man, am I ever in serious need of a wife!!!!

You gotta wonder where the time goes, right?  In my case, I finished up corporate and personal tax returns, dropped out of puppy manners classes (too stressful for me with all those silly clickers), worked, and worked, and worked, and spent entirely too much time at hockey rinks.

I’ve cooked nothing worth mentioning or, to be more precise, nothing new worth mentioning.  Trying a couple of things this weekend so keep your fingers crossed.  I’ve started knitting a sweater (so yes, clearly hell has frozen over), even though for the first day of fall we had temps in the mid-90’s.  Don’t worry I wrote to Mother Nature as she clearly missed this epic event.

I’ve read a TON!  A TON!  Let’s knock out of few, k?

The meh ones.  Read as good but not memorable.

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All of these got terrific reviews.  They were all somewhat entertaining.  One had kind of a fun twist.  But, would I recommend any of them?  Only if you’ve nothing else you’re dying to read.  Sorry, sweet authors.  It could have been me.  When I’m working a lot, I think I’ve mentioned I need serious downtime.  Likely it was just me, but these just didn’t do it for me.

One I truly enjoyed.  It’s a YA book that was recommended for people who love my boyfriend, John Green.  Like boyfriend’s book, it’s dead on.  And funny.  Always a good combo.

Lastly, for today anyway, one that my friend, Liz, suggested.  It’s also gotten great reviews though I almost set it aside a couple of times.  SO GLAD I kept reading.  Totally worth it.

Product Details

I’ve more to tell you about but I’m late for work.  Never good when you’re the boss!  😉

Happy Weekend, everyone.  I so hope you are well and happy. xo