The world does NOT revolve around you…

or me.  I’ll explain in a bit.

I’m fine with that, by the way.

How are you guys?  Long time no chat!  I’ve been on hiatus.  Ha!  Did you fall for that?  Noooo, I’ve just been busy mostly with work and yucky stuff.  This past ten days or so I’ve been enjoying some down time, hanging with friends, catching up with things, just trying to recharge.  So look for new book posts, recipes and whatnot starting next week!!!!  Consider it my NaNoWriMo challenge.  It’ll be fun.

So this morning, I’d planned a day with my cousin.  He’s visiting from Chicago.  We grew up together and have been having loads of fun catching up (read as he’s been spoiling me, the kids, the dog….yeah, he’s that kind of guy).  I thought we were going to have a super fun day.  My bad for answering the phone.

Let me just say that I believe in kindness.  I do not believe in shouting, talking over someone and I’m not prone to extreme anger (despite writing this).  Honestly, bad behavior like that is just too much drama and I find it upsetting.  I’m not psychic.  I did not get the memo that the world only revolves around certain people.  Do you guys know these things?  I am a direct person.  I tell people what’s going on with me, if I’m bothered by something.  I try to see their side of things.  I try to listen.  I try to be kind.  I breathe.

I think something might be wrong with me.

The answer is, of course, wine and chocolate.  Wine and chocolate are the answers to most things.  Oh, and a Cubs win would be nice too!

Happy Friday, everyone.  May you have an enjoyable and restful weekend.  Watch out for the crazy. xo