Well, hello there!

You know it’s been a while when you forget how to log on to your own blog!

So, how are things?  I have been BUSY.  I kind of feel like I should have just written that in humongous type but, honestly, that’s too much effort.  Yes, you can read that as I’m still busy and trying to recover from the exhaustion that too much work not enough play leads to.  Plus, I’m trying to buy a new dishwasher, wash all the dishes in the existing dishwasher, trying to remember how I’m to work while these small humans are on summer vacation and, oh yeah, how to manage an actual vacation.  Which reminds me, what IS an actual vacation??????

Oh, and my hockey team is currently not winning the Stanley Cup Final.  Winning four out of the next five games shouldn’t be hard to do, right?

I’ve read A LOT.

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Going to stop there for books today.  The Sandra Brown and Jill Shalvis books are brain candy.  End of Watch was the third in Stephen King’s detective trilogy.  Loved them and really hope he’ll write some more in this style.  32 Yolks was maybe more interesting to me simply because it’s what I do for a living on a smaller scale.  Plus, I have to say, I am always astounded to learn how other restaurants treat their people and why people work there…..

The surprise in this bunch was A Man Called Ove.  I almost set it down.  A couple of times.  But, it is well deserving, I think, of all its rave reviews.  Heartwarming for sure.  Pick it up if you haven’t.

Hope you are well.


5 thoughts on “Well, hello there!

  1. Welcome back! Summer vacation for your kids already? I grew up in NY, Our summer vacations didn’t start until late June. My kids are very young and not in school yet, but I’m thinking the vacations around here in Cali start soon.

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    1. Here they get out really early….this year on the 21st of May. But, that means that they START school really, really early in August. (Because operating the schools and buses during the hottest part of the year makes economic sense and is the safest for everyone!)

      Nice to see you! Was over on your site oogling all your gorgeous photos! Such a pleasure.

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    1. Goes back to our first playoff games with Detroit. They throw octopus….someone thought tossing a catfish would be hilarious. It caught on! If you ask me, both are completely disgusting!


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